Groups: 9X

9X seems to have been a late-blooming group with a strong lean for code and carrier scanning and pirate radio. Most of the files in this directory are transcriptions from a pirate radio text, and others are documentation for code scanning programs. The warning at the beginning of most of the files is precious.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile 1315
Introduction file for the 9x Group
9x.nfo 2084
9X: The Information File
9x.tex 39559
9X: Complete Documentation of ROLM Phonemail Systems, by Substance 1995
9x_888.txt 4565
9X: How to get 888's, by Substance, 1996
9x_altel.txt 7475
9X: How to Hack AllTel Mobile's Voicemail
9x_bbox.txt 22718
9X: Introduction to Blue Boxing, by Lineman, 1996
9x_cell.txt 10127
9X: Flygu's Cellular Phreaking Guide for 1996
9x_hp3.txt 18064
9X: Hacking the HP3000/MPE Platform, by OneThought
9x_style.txt 5842
9X: Internet Hacking Versus Local Hacking by Grampa Elite
9x_swbtd.txt 18635
9X: A Listing of Southwestern Bell Lineman Work Codes by Dave S.O.B. 1996
9x_tf223.txt 5891
9X: Scan of 1-800 Numbers, by Substance
9x_tf280.txt 5732
9X: Scan of 1-800-280 by Substance, 1996
9x_tf465.txt 5822
9X: Scan of 1-800-465 by Substance
9x_tf546.txt 9880
9X: Scan of 1-800-546 by Substance
busted.9x 8876
9X: What if I get Busted? (For Pirate Radio)
file_id.diz 265
9X: Info File
fordcred.9x 4820
A Brief Introduction To Ford Creditnet by Schizo Man and Substance of 9x
rolm_2.txt 14726
9X: ROLM Phonemail Revisited, by Khelbin
rolmpm.hlp 33540
Some information on ROLM Phonemail Systems, by Substance
securid.9x 3602
SecurID Information by Schizo Man of 9x

There are 20 files for a total of 223,538 bytes.