Groups: Anarchy Incorporated

Located around the San Jose, Califronia area and founded around 1984, Anarchy Incorporated provided a steady stream of humorous and inside-joke-laden text files for AE Lines and BBSes for well around 4 years.

The combination of the technical expertise of the members and their shared deep interest in BBS Software (Waffle BBS was created by a member) ensured that the files recieved a wide distribution among nationwide communities. Many of the members have gone on to careers in companies like Netscape, Apple, and Adobe, showing their abilities extended far beyond textfiles.

While some of the files wander into treatises on vandalism and phreaking how-tos, the vast majority of the work of Anarchy Inc. simply described fictional and non-fictional accounts of happenings between the members, and writings about the world that almost approach stream-of-consciousness. A sizeable percentage of the files ridicule or lambast a fictional character named Matt Ackeret who most certainly does not work at Apple Computer and who doesn't really exist. Really.

Description of the Textfile
300murdr.hum 25307
Murder at 300 Baud, by Various Members
advefutr.hum 15386
Adventure in the Future by Dark Shadow
advrecru.hum 3616
Adventures in Reality: Don't Cruise Alone
advrevam.hum 4351
Adventures in Reality: Vampires on my Street
anaexist.ana 3399
The Anarchist's Guide to Existence
anarchfp.ana 6824
Anarchy Incorporated Takes Fort Point
anarstor.hum 9566
Anarchy Incorporated presents Spinning Wheels by Someone Else
b00g!.hum 6623
B00G and the Art of Zen
boog2.hum 7908
B00G II: The Final Chapter
bugteach.hum 6662
Teaching Bugs to Breakdance
chak.txt 6489
Anarchy Inc. Presents: CHAK: The Unspeakable, by Someone Else
clockorg.hum 9316
A Clockwork Orange: Dictionary of NADSAT
clockorg.txt 10202
A Clockwork Orange Glossary of NADSAT Language by The Stranger of Anarchy Inc.
clutter.hum 2257
The Art of CLutter, by The Daredevil
comeonma.hum 5720
Come On, Mallorie. By The Stranger (...Harrison)
confusio.hum 8598
Religion, a View by The Daredevil 3028
How to Properly Crank Call Some Fool, by The Bullseye
dancestr.hum 4736
daveconc.hum 3693
Dave's Concept Workshop #1
deffools.hum 6851
Definitions for the Uninformed! by Eric C. Thompson
favsexpo.hum 1576
Sexual Preferences of the Members of Anarchy Inc.
fccooman.hum 11569
Nowankanu FCC Too Many: Journey Into the Unwanted Zone by Fitz Mertins of Anarchy Inc.
fuck!!.hum 16069
FUCK!! Volume One, by a Lot of Members
fuckvol1.txt 11587
Anarchy Inc. Presents: FUCK! Volume 1
funonjob.txt 4413
Crime on the Job by ASCII Assassin of Anarchy Inc.
geekpers.hum 6676
Modem Geeks and Modem Personalities, by The Daredevil
getsick.ana 1690
An Easy Way to Get Sick, by Someone Else
grommet.txt 11504
A:TEXTGROMMET.TXT (54 lines) edited by R.VAN with ST MicroEMACS
inspace.hum 6044
The Concept of Space Travel by Lord Omega of Anarchy Inc.
k-mart.ana 5399
How To Have Fun In K-Mart!!, by The Daredevil of Anarchy, Inc.
lub-dubs.hum 8056
LUB-DUBBS -- The Magic of Molesting, Infesting, and Making a Mess
matt&eri.hum 15246
Matt Ackeret and Eric Thomson, Trashing. By The Daredevil
mattcamp.hum 9212
Matt's Day at Camp, by Matt
mattfun.hum 4255
Matt writes about how to have a fun day at Great America
mattlife.hum 5083
The Life and Times of Matt Ackeret
mattsday.hum 8058
A Day in the Life of Matt Ackeret, by Surf Rat and Someone Else
mcdonald.hum 7660
How to Terorize McDonalds, by Modem Uzer
mercenar.ana 7700
Anarchy Inc. Presents The Story of a Mercenary
mi_1-4.hum 66435
The Entire Mission Impossible File, by all the members of Anarchy, Inc. 12681
Mission Impossible Revisited, from Someone Else of Anarchy Inc.
modgeeka.hum 3129
How to tell if YOU are a Modem Geek, by the $heik
mypalbtc.hum 3021
The Motorhead Presents Bill the Cat is MY Friend!
newuser.hum 4041
The Life of a New User, by Surf Rat
noname!.hum 5622
The File With No Name
nothing.hum 1934
Nothing, by The Moon Roach
osbert.hum 5581
Osbert and the Plight of Memoiries
osbertec.hum 3182
Eric C. Thompson in the World of Osbert
oscrmear.hum 7883
The Oscar Mears Saga, Volume II
overthro.ana 12540
How to Overthrow a Country, by Senator Bunker
pacbellf.hum 4968
How to Forge Pac Bell Cards, by Havoc the Chaos
petrock.ana 6343
Anarchy Inc. Presents The Pet Rock Files!
prowling.hum 6417
Miscellaneous Nasties by Havoc of Chaos
reality!.hum 7118
Why Reality Isn't 4256
Religion! Is it worth it?
revenge.hum 6537
Revenge for the sadistic pleasure of getting even
robbank.ana 5195
How to Rob a Bank by The Daredevil of Anarchy Inc.
robbanks.txt 6074
How to Rob a Bank, by The Daredevil of Anarchy Inc. (1984)
robinson.hum 9413
The Robinsons, by The Dark Shadow
roofing.hum 4896
Roofing, a Beginning Guide. By the Daredevil
sesame.hum 3033
Shattered Myths on Sesame Street, by The Daredevil 8342
Suicide Lyrics, typed in by Anarchy, Inc. 10351
Anarchy, Inc. Present Deep Space: Story One
spinning 10070
Spinning Wheels, a Story by Someone Else of Anarchy Inc.
stealjob.ana 4662
Crime on the Job by the Ascii Assassin
synchron.mus 12199
The Gemini Daredevil and Anarchy Inc. Presents Police, Synchronicity
theatre.hum 4766
Phun in Movie Theatres, by Princess Leia
uppave.hum 7752
Up Your Pavement by The Motorhead
vanzuyti.hum 5270
Ron S. VanZuylen Lets Loose 16683
Anarchy, Inc. take a shot at the next Xanth novel

There are 69 files for a total of 562,723 bytes.