Groups: The Cult of the Dead Cow

The Cult of the Dead Cow (cDc) rose in 1985, joining the sea of textfile groups that dominated the BBS scene. The majority of files they came out with in the beginning centered around anarchy, heavy metal, and odd stories. By sheer tenacity of will, they continue as a group to present time, and therefore have lasted well over a decade. This makes them the oldest surviving textfile group in existence.

With well over three hundred files in their library, cDc has left almost no textfile subject untouched. Besides the ubiquitous phreaking, hacking, and anarchy files, members have written poetry, fiction, music lyrics, erotica, and Scene news stories. By constantly reviewing their membership rolls and taking on new members when older ones retire, the group has stayed fresh and active as an entity.

Through the general slowdown of the early 1990's, cDc repositioned itself as a brand name by dint of the addition of Skeeve/Deth Vegetable, whose own media awareness (interviews on Dateline NBC and other outlets) ensured that Cult of the Dead Cow would recieve press and recieve much of it. cDc got into the business of clothing and stickers, and did a remarkable job of preserving its own heritage even as the majority of users moved from BBSs to the internet. Members of cDc are now routinely contacted by media when the opinion of the "underground" is sought or at least pursued.

In recent years the cDc has gained nationwide notoriety for its work with security-checking programs (a further expansion of the brand name) such as Back Orifice, which provides remote administration of Windows 95 and NT machines.

The Cult of the Dead Cow have a web site at

Description of the Textfile
aomt4.asc 830
AD: Ahead of My Time BBS
arcusnet.faq 7137
The ArcusNET Faq by Mephistopholes (November 2nd, 1994) 12800
The Bear Trap of Love by krass Katt (1989)
bert.the.poem 6528
Bert: The Poem, from Racer X of Cult of the Dead Cow (1990)
book.of.cow 7296
The Book of Cow by the Cult of the Dead Cow (1987)
boredom.innocen 5504
Boredom and Innocence by Obscure Images of the Cult of the Dead Cow (1991)
bovine.death 4736
Bovine Death, by The Raver of Cult of the Dead Cow (1988)
bovine.epic 2688
The Bovine Epic of Creation, by High Priest and Franken Gibe
bovinomicon 7168
History of the Bovinomicon by The Raver (1988)
bunny.lust 5632
Ted and Dave's Animal Fun: Session I: Bunny Lust, by Tippy Turtle (1987)
burntheflag 6272
Burn the Flag! by Bloody Afterbirth (Toxic File #66)
bus.driver 7424
The Bus Driver by Scum of Cult of the Dead Cow (1989)
cDc-0001.txt 3356
Gerbil Feed Bomb by Swamp Rat
cDc-0002.txt 14946
Wizardry Docs by Swamp Rat
cDc-0003.txt 9236
Wizardry Spells by Swamp Rat
cDc-0004.txt 18689
Rescue Raiders Docs by Swamp Rat
cDc-0005.txt 2460
Renegade Cows by HAL 9000
cDc-0006.txt 4758
Assembly Fun by Sid Vicious
cDc-0007.txt 2965
Slow Death by Swamp Rat
cDc-0008.txt 7209
Book of Cow by Franken Gibe
cDc-0009.txt 4735
Society Sucks by Psychotic Opposition
cDc-0010.txt 9173
P.E.A.C.E. by Psychotic Opposition
cDc-0011.txt 15364
Suicidal Tendencies-Join the Army (lyrics) by Wasted Pandemonium
cDc-0012.txt 8600
Metallica-Master of Puppets (lyrics) by Swamp Rat
cDc-0013.txt 7009
NPA List by Franken Gibe
cDc-0014.txt 17971
UNIX Bible by Franken Gibe
cDc-0015.txt 19389
Yellow Pages Vol.I by Franken Gibe
cDc-0016.txt 4435
A Fucked Life by Swamp Rat
cDc-0017.txt 3856
Gnu Christmas Story by Franken Gibe
cDc-0018.txt 5525
Bunny Lust by Tippy Turtle
cDc-0019.txt 15818
Thompson and Ackeret: Trashing by The Daredevil
cDc-0020.txt 7345
B00G and the art of ZEN by Anarchy Inc.
cDc-0021.txt 3983
The Cold Truth by 2600
cDc-0022.txt 6211
How to Card Shit, When You Live With Your 'rents by L.E. Pirate
cDc-0023.txt 8487
The Story of a Mercenary by Lord Omega
cDc-0024.txt 4891
EZ Destruction by Dial Tone
cDc-0025.txt 13322
Method of Destruction-USA for MOD (lyrics) by Swamp Rat
cDc-0026.txt 6310
The Phone Sex Scandal by L.E. Pirate
cDc-0027.txt 7724
Frankie's Fireside Phreak Primer by Franken Gibe
cDc-0028.txt 23835
Yellow Pages Vol.II by Franken Gibe
cDc-0029.txt 7347
Cow Chronicles #1 by Franken Gibe
cDc-0030.txt 2566
The Bovine Epic of Creation by Franken Gibe
cDc-0031.txt 3752
A Feature on MONEY - Today's Monster by Psychedelic Warlord
cDc-0032.txt 8178
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles-Crossover (lyrics) by Swamp Rat
cDc-0033.txt 3649
Fun With Traffic Lights by Dial Tone
cDc-0034.txt 19295
Dead Kennedys-Give Me Convenience...(lyrics) by Suicidal Amoeba
cDc-0035.txt 6958
Scarfing by Suicidal Amoeba
cDc-0036.txt 18551
On BLACK FLAG... by Suicidal Amoeba
cDc-0037.txt 3540
A Few Good Songs off of Eat Your Paisley by Psychedelic Warlord
cDc-0038.txt 5002
Area Code and Time Zone List by Dial Tone
cDc-0039.txt 3928
Fuck The World by Swamp Rat
cDc-0040.txt 8687
Sex With Satan (dist.) by Psycoe
cDc-0041.txt 18917
The Mentors-Up the Dose (lyrics) by Mr. Drunkfux
cDc-0042.txt 3650
Apple Shape Tables by The Dark Static
cDc-0043.txt 10649
Metallica-Kill 'Em All (lyrics) by Swamp Rat
cDc-0044.txt 4758
Mail Fraud by L.E. Pirate
cDc-0045.txt 3664
Beaming Dream: a poem by Tequila Willy
cDc-0046.txt 6495
Fun With Small Animals and Other Household Pets by Sunspot
cDc-0047.txt 11830
Hacking Into Hell by The Raver
cDc-0048.txt 7674
Evil Poetry: Vol. I by The Raver
cDc-0049.txt 3815
The Queen is Dead: a poem by Sunspot
cDc-0050.txt 1794
The Song of the Cow: a poem by Psychedelic Warlord
cDc-0051.txt 8769
The Day My Kid Turned Punk by The Dark Static
cDc-0052.txt 45404
Cross Of Iron 1.1 by The Raver/editor
cDc-0053.txt 45363
Cross Of Iron 1.2 by The Raver/editor
cDc-0054.txt 46221
Cross Of Iron 1.3 by The Raver/editor
cDc-0055.txt 2006
About Cross Of Iron #1 by The Raver
cDc-0056.txt 3651
The Prophecy of Cow by Franken Gibe
cDc-0057.txt 7109
History of the Bovinomicon by The Raver
cDc-0058.txt 11407
The Nameless Pasture by The Raver
cDc-0059.txt 8842
Interview With Neo-Nazi 'Ausderau' by Psychedelic Warlord
cDc-0060.txt 10910
Megadeth-so far, so what! (lyrics) by Swamp Rat
cDc-0061.txt 4720
Bovine Death by The Raver
cDc-0062.txt 4524
Scotty's Tale of Sex and Death by Racer X
cDc-0063.txt 3981
Sesame St. Possession by Swamp Rat
cDc-0064.txt 8639
Death Angel-Frolic through the park (lyrics) by Swamp Rat
cDc-0065.txt 7927
Agnostic Front-Liberty & Justice For...(lyrics) by Racer X
cDc-0066.txt 10779
Dayglo Abortions-here today guano tomorrow(lyrics) by Swamp Rat
cDc-0067.txt 26124
Thrasher's Metallica Interview Part 1 by Racer X
cDc-0068.txt 20886
Thrasher's Metallica Interview Part 2 by Racer X
cDc-0069.txt 8374
Testament-The New Order (lyrics) by Swamp Rat
cDc-0070.txt 1379
The cDc compilation: volume one (Apple II/2 sides) by Swamp Rat/editor
cDc-0071.txt 17667
The *ONLY* Way To Get Telenet Thingies by Tequila Willy
cDc-0072.txt 9572
Toxik-World Circus (lyrics) (dist.) by The Omen
cDc-0073.txt 3387
Visions From The Last Crusade by Psychedelic Warlord
cDc-0074.txt 3091
The Camping Trip by Franken Gibe
cDc-0075.txt 13167
Metallica-...And Justice For All (lyrics) by Swamp Rat
cDc-0076.txt 12989
Institutionalized by Necrovore
cDc-0077.txt 3732
Held Captive by Racer X
cDc-0078.txt 8822
Danzig (lryics) by Racer X
cDc-0079.txt 4332
The True Story of Cult of the Dead Cow by Psychedelic Warlord
cDc-0080.txt 3237
...a Slayer kind of day... by G.A. Ellsworth
cDc-0081.txt 8577
Trail of Blood by Sunspot
cDc-0082.txt 6635
Geek: The Saga Continues by The Pusher
cDc-0083.txt 16153
Lyrics to Both Youth Of Today Albums by The Pusher
cDc-0084.txt 12258
Big Black Interview by G.A. Ellsworth
cDc-0085.txt 8242
cDc core #1 by The Pusher
cDc-0086.txt 7367
Screwdriver Flippin' by Sunspot
cDc-0087.txt 6951
A Tale of Two Sexes by Swamp Rat
cDc-0088.txt 3493
Armageddon's Coming: a poem by Sunspot
cDc-0089.txt 1415
The cDc compilation: volume two (Apple II/2 sides) by Swamp Rat/editor
cDc-0090.txt 13105
Cow-San by Necrovore
cDc-0091.txt 9077
The Reel Way by The Pusher
cDc-0092.txt 5511
"Group Revue" by The Pusher
cDc-0093.txt 5813
Las Vegas Mutantz From Hell! by The Pusher
cDc-0094.txt 2937
Fighting - The Clean Way! by The Pusher
cDc-0095.txt 12645
Impresario: Malcom McLaren and the British New... by The Pusher
cDc-0096.txt 16945
Dead Kennedys-Plastic Surgery Disasters (lyrics) by Necrovore
cDc-0097.txt 8971
Twisted Reality by Necrovore
cDc-0098.txt 7984
On The Porch Swing by Suzy Rust
cDc-0099.txt 11590
Top Gun by Don Howland
cDc-0100.txt 43563
The cDc #100 BamBam File by The cDc cultees
cDc-0101.txt 8737
cDc core #2 by The Pusher
cDc-0102.txt 10557
FUGAZI lyrics by G.A. Ellsworth
cDc-0103.txt 5356
cDc core #2 1/2 by The Pusher
cDc-0104.txt 4528
Gun Control by The Pusher
cDc-0105.txt 23922
POetRIE by Obscure Images
cDc-0106.txt 7507
Dream Tripped by Racer X
cDc-0107.txt 7695
cDc core #3 by The Pusher
cDc-0108.txt 3777
The End by Obscure Images
cDc-0109.txt 26588
A Feeling of Electricity In the Air by Jennifer Petkus
cDc-0110.txt 25662
The Flesh Man by Richard Avis
cDc-0111.txt 15394
Jack and Jack by Obscure Images
cDc-0112.txt 12851
Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children #1 by Krass Katt
cDc-0113.txt 1353
The cDc compilation: volume three (Ap2/2 sides) by Swamp Rat
cDc-0114.txt 7556
cDc core #4 by The Pusher
cDc-0115.txt 12755
Bear Trap of Love by Krass Katt
cDc-0116.txt 6893
A Slight Miscalculation by Bob Cram
cDc-0117.txt 5133
Lost Love by Egyptian Alchemist
cDc-0118.txt 4954
A Moment In Time by Obscure Images
cDc-0119.txt 41721
Retrospective Rock by The Pusher
cDc-0120.txt 7382
The Bus Driver by Scum
cDc-0121.txt 7183
Ultra Trendies by Psychedelic Warlord
cDc-0122.txt 5698
David and Goliath: Goliath's Point of View by Leper Messiah & Swamp R.
cDc-0123.txt 19276
Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children #2 by Dave Louapre
cDc-0124.txt 4761
It Hurts and Won't Make You Better by Obscure Images
cDc-0125.txt 16342
Sunday by Peter Flechette
cDc-0126.txt 7625
Stud Muffin R0dent by Tequila Willy
cDc-0127.txt 7172
Double Feature by The Dark Static
cDc-0128.txt 7663
Death and The Bovine by Lady Carolin
cDc-0129.txt 9412
Credit Card Fraud Ideas by L.E. Pirate
cDc-0130.txt 5002
My Day With The Dentist by Psychedelic Warlord
cDc-0131.txt 5436
The Three Cows by Lady Carolin
cDc-0132.txt 3988
The Wild One by Obscure Images
cDc-0133.txt 6143
White Rodent's Short Story Lump by White Rodent
cDc-0134.txt 7436
cDc core #5 by The Pusher
cDc-0135.txt 6095
Trickledown by Josh Whalen
cDc-0136.txt 7831
The Coming of Angels by Obscure Images
cDc-0137.txt 7920
Mourning in America by Steve Ross
cDc-0138.txt 14920
Life Sentence by The Pusher
cDc-0139.txt 6486
Bert: The Poem by Racer X
cDc-0140.txt 19789
The Burn Turns Two Into One - Part 1 by Obscure Images
cDc-0141.txt 13381
Smothered Hope by Obscure Images
cDc-0142.txt 7150
Fatal Attraction for Real by G.A. Ellsworth
cDc-0143.txt 8330
Inject Me by Obscure Images
cDc-0144.txt 7278
Whose Morality? by Tequila Willy
cDc-0145.txt 10851
Sanctified by Obscure Images
cDc-0146.txt 6822
Mudhoney Interview by G.A. Ellsworth
cDc-0147.txt 4993
Dance of the Cow by Akira
cDc-0148.txt 10117
The Burn Turns Two Into One - Part 2 by Obscure Images
cDc-0149.txt 10225
cDc-0150.txt 23017
INJUSTICE FOR ALL: A Guide to U.S. Pot Laws by Judy McGuire
cDc-0151.txt 41594
Sex, Ecstasy and the Psychedelic Drugs by R.E.L. Masters
cDc-0152.txt 11074
cDc core #6 by The Pusher
cDc-0153.txt 15638
Excerpts from BLADE BARRIER Book #3 by Dean Tetreault
cDc-0154.txt 5949
The Jolly One by The Usenet Oracle
cDc-0155.txt 31083
No Experience Necessary by The Pusher
cDc-0156.txt 16693
The Happy Machine by Obscure Images
cDc-0157.txt 16746
Jack and Jack (revised) by Obscure Images
cDc-0158.txt 5003
That Dirty Beach by Tequila Willy
cDc-0159.txt 5493
Boredom and Innocence by Obscure Images
cDc-0160.txt 10186
Story of an Alternative Lifestyle by The Pusher
cDc-0161.txt 19764
A Kinder, Gentler Nation by Tequila Willy
cDc-0162.txt 8743
Until the Next Time by Obscure Images
cDc-0163.txt 7389
UPSetting by Axiom Codex & Lazar
cDc-0164.txt 6661
BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL - A Contemporary Interp... by Tequila Willy
cDc-0165.txt 23938
Winnie the Pooh - Part 1 by A.A. Milne
cDc-0166.txt 39143
Silent Applause Part 1 of 2 by The Pusher
cDc-0167.txt 41232
Silent Applause Part 2 of 2 by The Pusher
cDc-0168.txt 6688
Bank Fraud by White Knight
cDc-0169.txt 8702
Amerika's Most Wanted by Lady Carolin
cDc-0170.txt 9210
My Grey Matter by Tequila Willy
cDc-0171.txt 13474
Clockwork by Obscure Images
cDc-0172.txt 6053
Wet-Mount Slide by Tequila Willy
cDc-0173.txt 3909
Urban Womb by EnTrOpY
cDc-0174.txt 10822
cDc-0175.txt 11510
Fuck You, Swamp Rat by Swamp Rat
cDc-0176.txt 9819
cDc core #7 by The Pusher
cDc-0177.txt 18108
Feed 'Em to the Lions! by Tequila Willy
cDc-0178.txt 5169
How Do I Love Thee? by Suicidal Maniac
cDc-0179.txt 21657
Hip-Hop Primer by Birnbaum & Adler
cDc-0180.txt 10369
Amazingly True Things #1 by Swamp Rat
cDc-0181.txt 11449
Life Lost; Prosperity Gained by Suicidal Maniac
cDc-0182.txt 5420
Woooaaahhh, Nelly! by Tequila Willy
cDc-0183.txt 9684
cDc core #8 by The Pusher
cDc-0184.txt 3813
It Looked Back at Me by Tequila Willy
cDc-0185.txt 13774
The Future by Alien Hin
cDc-0186.txt 37507
Hip-Hop Primer #2 Part 1 of 2 by Mark Dery
cDc-0187.txt 18375
Hip-Hop Primer #2 Part 2 of 2 by Mark Dery
cDc-0188.txt 6972
The Illusion of Motion by Tequila Willy
cDc-0189.txt 3685
My Circumcision by Franken Gibe
cDc-0190.txt 4826
The Greater of Two Evils by Obscure Images
cDc-0191.txt 13863
The Jesus Lizard Interview by G.A. Ellsworth
cDc-0192.txt 4468
Compact Disc Scam by Tequila Willy
cDc-0193.txt 22277
Butch by Jane Delynn
cDc-0194.txt 17593
SatanTrek by Necrovore
cDc-0195.txt 6858
Earth Goo by Lady Carolin
cDc-0196.txt 12551
Interesting Things to Do With a Scanner by The Mad Hatter
cDc-0197.txt 8687
Ruth by Obscure Images
cDc-0198.txt 13361
Some General Observations by THE NIGHTSTALKER
cDc-0199.txt 28988
Presumed Guilty by Schneider, Flaherty
cDc-0200.txt 124155
The cDc #200 Higgledy-Piggledy-Big-Fat-Henacious-Mega-Mackadocious You-Can't-Even-Come-Close-So-Jump-Back-K-B00MIDY-B00MIDY-B00M File by Swamp Ratte'
cDc-0201.txt 11765
One Wrong Move by The Deth Vegetable
cDc-0203.txt 12506
The Briefing by Reid Fleming
cDc-0204.txt 12720
Life in General by Video Vindicator
cDc-0205.txt 10321
That Which Strikes Terror Into the Hearts of Men by Lady Carolin
cDc-0206.txt 7205
The Power of Art by THE NIGHTSTALKER
cDc-0207.txt 6838
F23 by Obscure Images
cDc-0208.txt 3712
A Visit to the Slaughterhouse by Transderm-Nitro
cDc-0209.txt 16073
Helmet Interview: July 17, 1992 by G.A. Ellsworth
cDc-0210.txt 6669
My Shit, and How to Strangle It by Tequila Willy
cDc-0211.txt 7781
Point of No Return by Dave Ferret
cDc-0212.txt 125147
The Krill File by O.H. Krill
cDc-0213.txt 9472
Smurf Impalement by Tequila Willy
cDc-0214.txt 23171
How to Break the Law by Anonymous
cDc-0215.txt 4486
Me As TV by Franken Gibe
cDc-0216.txt 10857
Amazingly True Things #2 by Swamp Ratte'
cDc-0217.txt 22001
Life in Wartime by The Deth Vegetable
cDc-0218.txt 6121
The Media and Campaign 1992 by Lewis & Morgan
cDc-0219.txt 23060
Sebadoh Interview: March 3, 1992 by G.A. Ellsworth
cDc-0220.txt 10195
A Child's Garden of Curses by Lady Carolin
cDc-0221.txt 4761
Sickness by Franken Gibe
cDc-0222.txt 14919
A Day in the Life of Debbie G1bs0n by The Madwoman
cDc-0223.txt 22376
The B!G Envelope Stuffing Scam by Hanover Fiste
cDc-0224.txt 11074
The Bird by Obscure Images
cDc-0225.txt 9276
Tequila Willy's Position Paper by Reid Fleming & Omega
cDc-0226.txt 15600
Simple Cryptology by Dave Ferret
cDc-0227.txt 9835
Big Ol' Heaping Pile of Shit by Suicidal Maniac
cDc-0228.txt 25540
ISDN: Fucking the Vacuum Cleaner Attachments by Reid Fleming
cDc-0229.txt 17964
The Evil Truth About Peter Pan by Lady Carolin
cDc-0230.txt 7145
The 2:00 O'Clock Bus by Tequila Willy & Bambi the Usurper
cDc-0231.txt 12370
Sunday Night Inside the Net by Obscure Images
cDc-0232.txt 12369
Fred, the Boy Everyone Hated by Allen Williams
cDc-0233.txt 13174
Desert Road Dick Disaster by Lady Carolin & Renee O'Willsie
cDc-0234.txt 4219
Hybrid Vigor by Curtis Yarvin
cDc-0235.txt 4353
Somethin' by Franken Gibe
cDc-0236.txt 6341
Easy Rider II by Erik Radmall
cDc-0237.txt 6778
The Fart of War by Havok Halcyon
cDc-0238.txt 9446
Clubbing by Xibo (Mr. Coates)
cDc-0239.txt 10541
Truckin' an' Fuckin' by Omega
cDc-0240.txt 15805
Condors, Ganja, Rah Rah Rah! by Clifton Royston & kEvin
cDc-0241.txt 31373
Cell-Hell by Video Vindicator
cDc-0242.txt 25885
The Darkroom by Mark Vaxlov
cDc-0243.txt 9354
Fortune Smiles by Obscure Images
cDc-0244.txt 5216
Radiocarbon Dating Service by Markian Gooley
cDc-0245.txt 39106
The U.S. Mercenary Army by Phil Agee
cDc-0246.txt 14227
The Monolith by Daniel Steven Reinker
cDc-0247.txt 7100
Post-Election '92 Cult Coverage by Omega
cDc-0248.txt 4274
The Lunatic Crown by Matthew Legare
cDc-0249.txt 7410
Yet Another Suicide by The Mad Hatter
cDc-0250.txt 4513
State of Seige by Curtis Yarvin
cDc-0251.txt 6352
The False Prophets by Lady Carolin
cDc-0252.txt 7319
The Bishop by Curtis Yarvin
cDc-0253.txt 29157
Better, Stronger, Faster by Omega, Reid Fleming & White Knight
cDc-0254.txt 7091
Hung Like a Horse by Krass Katt
cDc-0255.txt 8591
Mess o' Top Ten Lists by The Deth Vegetable & Iskra
cDc-0256.txt 11127
Fecal George by David Humphrey
cDc-0257.txt 7355
Goodnight, Benjamin by Tequila Willy
cDc-0258.txt 15470
Spontaneous Combustion and the Aryan Parade by FLaMinG SeVeReD HeaD
cDc-0259.txt 15198
The HoHoCon 1993 Experience by Count Zero
cDc-0260.txt 6904
Vegas, 1976 by Mad Mac
cDc-0261.txt 71913
Interview with Greta Shred by Reid Fleming
cDc-0262.txt 23194
_Beverly Hills 90210_ as Nostalgia Television by Crystal Kile
cDc-0263.txt 25747
What Color Is the Sky in Your World? by Tequila Willy
cDc-0264.txt 42163
Chicken Hawk by Mark E. Dassad
cDc-0265.txt 10385
Eye-r0N-EE by Swamp Ratte'
cDc-0266.txt 6547
Interview with Barbie by Clench
cDc-0267.txt 4261
About a Boy by Franken Gibe
cDc-0268.txt 9039
Mall Death by Snarfblat
cDc-0269.txt 24351
Prophile: Future History by THE NIGHTSTALKER
cDc-0270.txt 8737
Time out for Pop by Malcolm D. Moore
cDc-0271.txt 12468
Alvin Harper, Teen Killer by Krass Katt
cDc-0272.txt 4762
Curious Lack of Vigor by Clench
cDc-0273.txt 4402
Dumb and Isolated by Franken Gibe
cDc-0274.txt 5316
MaxiSpak Banana by R.M. Wood
cDc-0275.txt 100047
Joseph Smith: Man, Yes; Myth, Maybe; Prophet, NEVER! by Krass Kat
cDc-0276.txt 7452
Accessory by Orion
cDc-0277.txt 114173
RUSH TO JUDGEMENT: Why the World Won't End in September, 1994 by Omega & Reid Fleming
cDc-0278.txt 8743
Slowing by Tom Fawcett
cDc-0279.txt 4665
Hammers by Obscure Images
cDc-0280.txt 7094
Caught in the Spotlight by Peder Ast
cDc-0281.txt 4952
Official cDc Press Release Concerning President Reagan by Reid Fleming
cDc-0282.txt 5209
Argument by Markian Gooley
cDc-0283.txt 15173
Possibilities by Obscure Images
cDc-0284.txt 13111
Sanford's Calico by James Cazamias
cDc-0285.txt 21249
Concise Guide to Forgetting How Much You Suck by Jason Farnon
cDc-0286.txt 10607
The Divine Masters by Shriek Broomstraw
cDc-0287.txt 5707
Shotgun by Swamp Ratte'
cDc-0288.txt 6246
Rejection Letter Blues by Jeff Swanson
cDc-0289.txt 19954
Can There Be Artificial Intelligence? by Tequila Willy
cDc-0290.txt 6306
Bob Takes a Trip by Special Agent Finerty
cDc-0291.txt 5287
How The Grendel Stole Christmas by Annie
cDc-0292.txt 5821
Your Hometown by Jason D. Corley
cDc-0293.txt 5265
Santa Chulo by Ed Long
cDc-0294.txt 6153
At the Dining Hall by Tom Boutell
cDc-0295.txt 13140
A Christmas Pony by Grr Raoul Leash
cDc-0296.txt 4142
The Healer by Heckler
cDc-0297.txt 4860
Boxing Day by Patrick Burton
cDc-0298.txt 5312
The Pope Review by Curtis Yarvin
cDc-0299.txt 6103
Loneliest Being in the World by Broken Symmetry
cDc-0300.txt 91289
COWBEATER #3 by The cDc Cultees
cDc-0301.txt 12026
Ugly Fucker by Mark E. Dessad
cDc-0302.txt 6636
CULT OF THE DEAD COW Sought In Obscenity Case by WeaselBoy & Lizard
cDc-0303.txt 8328
How to Get By When You're Just As Dumb As Everyone Else, but Uglier by Snarfblat
cDc-0304.txt 34392
HoHoCon 1994.txt Tremendous Damage by Count Zero
cDc-0305.txt 9055
Last of the Expressionists by Haywire
cDc-0306.txt 10272
The Coward's Guide to Self-Defense by Sunspot
cDc-0307.txt 12915
mE t0o!@cDc-0$ by Mogel
cDc-0308.txt 15622
The Gnu-Warez Kidz' Guide to Pirating on the Internet by Tarkin Darklighter
cDc-0309.txt 5805
The Zen of Skateboarding, Part 1: Autumn Foliage by Thoai Tran
cDc-0310.txt 6963
Slough Off That Pagan Lust by Obscure Images
cDc-0311.txt 9888
If Six Was Nine by OXblood Ruffin
cDc-0312.txt 16793
Chick Comix by Craig Becker
cDc-0313.txt 9717
My Night Out by Obscure Images
cDc-0314.txt 4937
Gravity by James Cazamias
cDc-0315.txt 11060
Like Father, Like... by Sunspot
cDc-0316.txt 5239
My Bug-Pal by Nik
cDc-0317.txt 5642
Memory of Timothy Leary by WeaselBoy
cDc-0318.txt 8286
Streets of Beijing ("Four Year Anniversary") by Morrisa Sherman
cDc-0319.txt 5432
Zen of Skateboarding, Part 2: Revelation by Thoai Tran
cDc-0320.txt 17590
TEMPEST in a Teapot by Grady Ward
cDc-0321.txt 13934
Nineteen Seventy-Seven by OXblood Ruffin
cDc-0322.txt 8318
Pariah '67 by Matt Brown
cDc-0323.txt 9928
CYBERsitter by Peacefire
cDc-0324.txt 13182
Painted Stranger by WeaselBoy
cDc-0325.txt 5782
Zen of Skateboarding, Part 3: Flowing Stream by Thoai Tran
cDc-0326.txt 7366
The Great Southern Fire God by John Crow
cDc-0327.txt 14006
Vulnerabilities in the S/KEY One-Time Password System by Mudge
cDc-0328.txt 4389
Pantslessness by Mark Buda
cDc-0329.txt 4826
Quadro-Pounder by Drunkfux
cDc-0330.txt 5817
Happyland Cell Block 90210 by G. Allen Perry
cDc-0331.txt 5213
Angry Sun by Franken Gibe
cDc-0332.txt 5613
Don't Talk to Cops by Robert W. Zeuner
cDc-0333.txt 5736
BELLKORE Exposed! by Oderus Urungus
cDc-0334.txt 8577
How to be an Anarchist at 7-11 by Snarfblat
cDc-0335.txt 8155
Milk and Blood by Lady Carolin
cDc-0336.txt 7986
I'd Rather be Dead than Live in California by Oxblood Ruffin
cDc-0337.txt 16904
Reid Fleming: Lady Killer by Reid Fleming
cDc-0338.txt 9263
Who's Gonna Get Screwed Today? NetBIOS Attacks over TCP by SirDystic
cDc-0339.txt 12090
Political Rant #1 by THE NIGHTSTALKER
cDc-0340.txt 8003
Hacking PC/Payroll for Windows by Tarkin Darklighter
cDc-0341.txt 7860
R.I.P. by Poppy Z. Brite
cDc-0342.txt 13117
Wuss Vandals Get Hassled by the Man by Rev. Anna Truwe
cDc-0343.txt 17399
Some Form of Success by Weaselboy
cDc-0344.txt 18830
Wackers: The Secret Life of a 'Fantasy Maker' by Isis
cDc-0345.txt 9090
A Day Off for DrunkFux by DrunkFux
cDc-0346.txt 5224
The Man With The Creosote Grin by Oxblood Ruffin
cDc-0347.txt 4555
SPANK MY MONKEY by Lady Carolin
cDc-0348.txt 6948
When Cults Collide by The Nightstalker
cDc-0349.txt 8447
High School Reunion: The Nardcore Adventures of Reid Fleming by Reid Fleming
cDc-0350.txt 6586
Where Have My Heroes Gone? by KSM
cDc-0352.txt 13598
Remembrance of Things Past by Pixie
cDc-0353.txt 6185
Pulp Philosophy by Shadeshifter
cDc-0354.txt 11332
Unchained by Isis
cDc-0355.txt 8347
Shit-Burnin' by Cal Jacobson
cDc-0356.html 27761
The Longer March by Oxblood Ruffin
cDc-0358.txt 17905
San Francisco Cab Driver Stories by G.A. Ellsworth
cDc-0359.txt 6034
Dark Harvest by Sangfroid
cDc-0360.html 22755
The Journalist's Cookbook v1.0 by Reid Fleming
camping.trip 3200
The Camping Trip, by Franken Gibe of Cult of the Dead Cow (1988)
cdc-0356.txt 27870
CDC #356: The Longer March, by Oxblood Ruffin (July 15, 1998)
cdc-0357.txt 5874
CDC #357: Desecreating the Flag, by The Nightstalker (July 15, 1998)
cdc-0360.txt 18726
CDC #360: The Journalist's Cookbook, by Reid Fleming (July 15, 1998)
cdc-dist 15323
January 1st, 1993 List of cDc Distribution Sites 7168
CDC Press Release, Lubbock Tx. (August 18, 1994)
cdcdist.txt 22531
July 1, 1993 list of cDc Distribution Sites
cdchype.txt 987
CDC Invites you to read CDC4_93
cdcindex.txt 17388
cDc Communications Index (July 1, 1993)
cdckc0w.txt 3279
CDC-kC0W Phorce Introduction (April 1, 1993)
cdcup12.txt 7103
CDC Global Domination Update #12 (April 1st, 1993)
cdcup13.txt 8460
CDC Global Domination Update #13 (July 1st, 1993)
cow.san 13184
Cow-San, by Necrovore of Cult of the Dead Cow (1988)
cyberpunk.rules 768
Cyberpunk: The Rules (17 of Them)
dance.of.cow 5120
Dance of the Cow by Akira of Cult of the Dead Cow (1990)
dead_cow.txt 33901
Transcription of an Interview with Deth Veggie and Sir Dystic of Cult of the Dead Cow for "Cyber Attack!", an Episode of the BBS Program "Panorama" (July 3, 2000)
death.bovine 7680
Death and the Bovine, by lady Carolin, Priestess of the Cow (1989) 2048
Eye Am A Modemer (Parody of Eye of the Beholder by Metallica by Morpheous of LOM)
fatal.attract 7168
Fatal Attraction For Real, by G.A. Ellsworth of Cult of the Dead Cow (1990) 3968
Fuck the World by Swamp Rat of Cult of the Dead Cow (1988)
gun.control 4608
Gun Control by The Pusher of Cult of the Dead Cow (1989)
institutional 13056
Institutionalized by Necrovore/Raver of Cult of the Dead Cow (1988)
metal.geek.saga 6656
Geek: The Saga Continues by The Pusher of Cult of the Dead Cow (1988)
nameless.pastur 11520
The Nameless Pasture by The Ravel, Teller of Strange Legends (1988)
pizza.fest 2816
A Trip to Nostalgia, a Trip to PowerPizzaFest! (November 15, 1994)
prophecy.of.cow 3712
The Prophecy of Cow by Franken Gibe of Cult of the Dead Cow
renegade.cows 2560
Renegade Cows by HAL 8999 of Cult of the Dead Cow (1986) 4608
Scotty's Tale of Sex and Death by Racer X (1988)
second.txt 6255
Creative Writing, Second Grade Style by Hanover Fiste (Critiques of His Own Work from Second Grade)
song.of.the.cow 1920
The Song of the Cow, a Poem, by Psychadelic Warlord of Cult of the Dead Cow (May 5, 1988)
sunday 16384
Sunday, by Peter Flechette of Cult of the Dead Cow (1990)
tale.two.sexes 7040
A Tale of Two Sexes, by Swamp Rat of Cult of the Dead Cow (1988)
telenet.thingie 17792
The Only Way to Get Telenet Thingies by Tequila Willy of Cult of the Dead Cow (1988) 25728
The Flash Man by Richard Avis of Cult of the Dead Cow (1989)
the.reel.way 9088
The Reel Way, or How to Win the Ego Wars by The Pusher and Leper Messiah of Cult of the Dead Cow (1988)
three.cows 5504
The Three Cows, by Lady Carolin (1990)
trail.of.blood 8704
Trail of Blood, by Sunspot of Cult of the Dead Cow (1988)
ultra21.txt 172926
ULTRA 21: A Guide to Boxing (Compilation of Files) by Sinister X (1993)
visions.crusade 3456
Visions from the Last Crusade, by Psychedelic Warlord (1988)
yo.ramsacker 1408
Some Thoughts on Textfiles from Swamp Ratte' of Cult of the Dead Cow
yo.s.ratte 896
Message to Swamp Ratte' About The Polka AE

There are 410 files for a total of 5,121,742 bytes.