Groups: Octothorpe Productions

After getting well over a thousand textfiles, The Works decided that it should give back by creating a textfile writing group. Jason was fond of the word "Octothorpe", which was the Bell System name for the pound button on a telephone keypad. Hence, Octothorpe Productions was born.

As the leader and maintainer of these files, I can give insight into the experience of a typical textfile group. Unfortunately, most of my insight is that I simply kept a special file upload area on the BBS open for my friends to add files to. Some did, and many did not. The Cruiser took it and ran with it, producing all sorts of files about the typical subjects a good group would cover, like phreaking and music. The Mathematician kept donating fiction, and I buzzed in here and there with any and all writings I came up with, branding them "Octothorpe Productions".

Octothorpe Productions lived with the first Works BBS, from 1986-1988.

Description of the Textfile
allworks.bbs 6656
An Overview of the Works BBS by Jason Scott (July 16, 1986)
anything.phk 5248
How to Connect Anything to Anything, by The Slipped Disk
blood! 9609
The Final Blood, from Octothorpe Productions
bookjob.oct 10240
The Unauthorized Summary of the Book of Job (Some Corruption)
cfh.oct 21295
Comments From Hell, from The Works
comic.oct 3581
"Stage Comic", a Story by The Cruiser of Octothorpe Productions (August 16, 1987)
extentio.oct 1136
The Works Sacred Extention List
gabriel.oct 2157
"Textfiles", to the tune of "Big Time"
gargband.oct 1162
The Making of A Garage Band by The Cruiser, Mad Dog, and Jason Scott (Incomplete)
globmute.oct 4753
Making a Global Hold/Mute Switch, by The Cruiser
hashoil.txt 4666
THC-resin Extraction reprinted from "Marijuana Hydroponics: High-Tech Water Culture" by Daniel Storm, published by And/Or Books, Typed/edited by The Deviant of The Works BBS
journal1.oct 24893
Miscellaneous Techniques for the Telecommunications Hobbyist
kilroy.lyr 7841
Lyrics to Styc: Kilroy Was Here
labamba.lyr 1983
Translation for La Bamba
mytapes.mus 7149
The Cruiser's Record and Tape Selection
osunycom.adv 6155
Infocom Adventure Parody of an OSUNY Meeting
paranoia.oct 6632
Paranoia: By the Mathematician
partcoll.oct 28672
Transcription of Playboy's Top 40 Party Colleges
pezrambl.oct 20975
Mr. Pez's Rambling about Textfiles
pezscan.phk 5784
Red Menace and Mephisto Madware Textfile Systems Present The DEFINITIVE Exchange Scan by Mr. Pez
ramble10.txt 7826
Mr. Pez' Ramblings #10
ramble2.oct 977
Oh God Pez is Up So Late
ramble3.oct 3398
Mr. Pez's Third Ramble
ramble4.oct 2944
Pez in an entropic mood today. 8554
Mr. Pez' Ramblings #7 12882
Mr. Pez' Ramblings #8
ramble9.txt 9344
Mr. Pez' Ramblings #9
ranier.lyr 2819
Ranier -- A Song Parody by Night Hawk and The Cruiser
realpez.oct 16384
Real Pez Devotees
realwork.oct 3394
Real Works Users 5778
Radiological Fun Pages
rfp1.hum 13027
The Radiology Fun Pages (RFP) Issue #1 by Abby Hoffman and The Dissident, Transcribed by Mr. Pez 7201
More Radiological Funnies
rock.txt 8246
The First Orbicle Church of Rock N' Roll, by The Cruiser of Octothorpe Productions
sciwords.oct 2176
Physics Terms Made Easy by The Mathematician of Octothorpe Productions (December 5, 1986)
sentit.txt 1196
The Slipped Disk Answers the Trivia Question and Blabs for a Paragraph
shoe.hum 1612
A Day in the Life of a Shoe Salesman, by The Mathematician (September 29, 1987)
shopanar.ana 7546
Anarchy In Your Local Supermarket, by The Slipped Disk and The Outland
sphere.oct 4591
The Sphere's Warning, a Story by The Cruiser of Octothorpe Productions (August 14, 1987)
stopit.hum 4080
Stop It! A Story by Mr. Pez 822
Surf Ohio, by Michael Stutz
telecomu.oct 21691
Miscellaneous Techniques for the Telecommunications Hobbyist by The Cruiser of Octothorpe Productions
trader.oct 25011
"The Traitor" by The Cruiser of Octothorpe Productions (August 8, 1987)
transpl.oct 3178
"Transplant" By: Jason Scott
twk.oct 4096
Hi, I'm the Wiz Kid!
twk2.oct 9216
You should check out The Wiz Kid's RHBBS!
vmref.oct 6143
VM: The IBM Vierual Machine System, by The Wiz Kid of Octothorpe Productions
weerdfon.oct 13884
A Weird Phone Story
wendell.hum 11264
Phido Phreaks and Octothorpe Productions Presents The Saga of Wendell Timmerman
whytext.oct 2223
Why I choose textfiles, by Jason Scott
works2.oct 5047
The Guide to Real Works Users
xmas.oct 7655
Shedding True Light on Christmas Day, by The Cruiser

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