Groups: Omnipotent, Inc.

A one-man burst of textfile-writing, The Reflex created file after file on all ranges of subjects, ranging from Anarchy and Phreaking to transcriptions of books on revenge and original fiction. His hallmarks were good spelling, nice formatting, and intense hate of a guy named 'Rumpus'.

The Reflex could always be depended upon for his high-quality work.

Description of the Textfile
acetpero.omn 4220
Acetone Peroxide Explosive
ammonitr.omn 6689
How to Make Ammonium Nitrate
beatlied.omn 11440
How to Beat a Lie-Detector
blacpowd.omn 3306
Formulas for Black Powder
blasgela.omn 1381
How to Make Blasting Gelatin
catchcar.omn 14668
How to Catch Yourself an Automobile
compcard.omn 11817
The Complete Carding Guide
complock.omn 6007
Complete Lockpicking
fertexpl.omn 2953
Fertilizer Explosive
funresta.omn 6477
How to Have Fun at Restaurants
gemabell.ana 8062
Ma Bell! From the book Getting Even
geteven.omn 245898
Transcript of the book "Getting Even"
hydracid.omn 5461
The Hydrochloric Acide Goody
ibmacron.omn 12931
Quick Reference Guide to IBM Acronyms
mailsecr.omn 7067
Mail Secrets
mercfulm.omn 2773
How to Make Mercury Fulminate
nighhack.omn 9225
Transcript of "Night of the Hackers", by Richard Sanda
nitracid.omn 4394
Nitric Acid
planpois.omn 3565
Plant Poisons
potachlo.omn 6925
Potassium Chlorate
potanitr.omn 5203
Potassium Nitrate
ramble1.oct 4036
Ramble about life and love (Needs Editing)
revhack.omn 6266
Transcript of "Revenge of the Hackers", by Richard Sandza
riflemic.omn 5026
How to Construct a Rifle Microphone
robscar.hum 14674
How to Catch Yourself an Automobile, by The Reflex
rumpus1.omn 14146
The Rumpus Chronicles Part I: The Rumpus Chronicles
rumpus2.omn 9176
The Rumpus Chronicals Part II: Rumpus Gets Busted
rumpus3.omn 14349
The Rumpus Chronicles Part III: Rumpus Goes to Homecoming
rumpus4.omn 19150
The Rumpus Chronicles IV: Rumpus in the Slammer!
rumpus5.omn 22616
The Rumpus Chronicles Part V: The Return of the Rumpus
rumpus6.omn 16882
The Rumpus Chronicles Part VI: Rumpus Vice
smokpowd.omn 1634
How to Make Smokeless Powder
sodichlr.omn 3494
Sodium Chlorate
timebomb.omn 8854
Time Bombs
universe.omn 7994
The Official Omnipotent Universe Guide
ureanitr.omn 2906
Urea Nitrate Explosives

There are 36 files for a total of 531,665 bytes.

I'm happy to report that after contact with the writer, The Reflex, it has been verified that this is the Complete Omnipotent, Inc. Collection.