Groups: Phreaks, Hackers and Anarchists Instigating Turmoil

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1992viri.pht 9537
The 1992 Virus Hex Dump by Phait (1994)
alpha.pht 2178
Self Hypnosis/Meditation by The Bishop of Phait (1994)
anarchy.pht 2705
Anarchy Time! By Shadow Runner of Phait (June 6, 1994)
blckpwdr.pht 2846
How to Get Black Power Easily (Or Free) by Phaint (1994)
bong.pht 1785
How to Make a Water Bong by Spoonman of Phait (1994)
boxhelp.pht 2373
Different Kinds of Boxes by Bishop of Phait (1994)
ccwarn.pht 1178
Calling Card Users Beware by Bishop of Phait (1994)
chembomb.pht 547
How to Make a Chemical Bomb, by Bishop of Phait (1994)
clipwarn.pht 788
A Paper Clip Trick Warning by Bishop of Phait (1994)
cnainfo.pht 6750
Some CN/A Information from Zorro and Sharp of Phait (1994)
disclamr.pht 795
A Disclaimer from the Phait Staff (1994)
dontpay!.pht 2645
A Real Easy Way to Make Local Calls on a Payphone by Bishop of Phait (1994)
ezredbox.pht 5552
An EZ Red Box by Punk Ass Kid of Phait (August 16, 1994)
hallmark.pht 578
Hallmark Redboxes by Shadow Runner of Phait (June 6, 1994)
im-phai2.lgo 1491
ANSI Phait Logo
im-phait.lgo 1342
ANSI Phait Logo
indy6.pht 44773
The Indiana Jones Trojan #6 Source Code by Phait (1994)
keylock.pht 1647
Bypassing Computer Keylocks by Mystic of Phait (1994) 10264
Different Kinds of Boxes by the Phait Staff (1994)
lack!.pht 2595
The Lack of Phreaking by Bishop of Phait (1994)
lair.txt 1103
AD: Lucifer's Lair by Deception
md-pht1.lgo 3353
ANSI Phait Logo
mooshigh.pht 1665
Getting High on Mousse by The Digital Anarchist of Phait (1994)
napalm.pht 1425
Making Napalm In Case You Don't Already Know, by Phait (1994)
napstuff.pht 3790
Fun Things to Do with Napalm by Shadowhawk of Phait (1994)
newuser.inf 1705
Zap's Newuser Infoform for Renegade from Phait (1994)
phait.nfo 3106
Information about Phait's Second Release, by Bishop
phaitapp.nfo 2452
About the Author of Phait: Phreaks, Hackers and Anarchists Instigating Turmoil (1994)
phaitpk3.nfo 4611
Phait Text Pack #3 Information File by Lagg/Bishop (1994)
phreakit.pht 3391
The Phreaker's Kit Essentials from Phait (1994)
phtpk1.nfo 1969
Information File about Phait (Staff List) (1994)
proj.pht 787
Introduction to the Phait Projects by Bishop (1994)
rcktbotl.pht 2183
How to Make a Simple Rocket Launcher by Cycon of Phait (1994)
ringbox.pht 6644
The Design and Implementation of The Ring Box by ShadowHawk of Phait (1994)
rv-phait.ans 2012
ANSI Phait Logo
rv-phat.ans 5358
ANSI Phait Logo
sites.pht 1336
List of Sites Supporting or Distributing Phait (1994)
skool.pht 3098
Some Great Preanks to Pull at School by Phait (1994) 5031
The Sound Blaster Box by Phait (1994)
sr-cards.pht 2276
So You Want to Phreak with Calling Card Numbers, by Shadow Runner (June 6, 1994)
subvir.pht 8841
Hex Dump of the Sub-Zero Virus by ZaP of Phait (1994)
tapebox.pht 4617
How to Build a Tape Box by Lagg of Phait (1994)
waleviri.pht 40505
An Overview of the Whale Virus, by Phait (1994)
weedgrow.pht 1604
How To Grow Your Own Weed, by Spoonman of Phait (1994)
wv-phat2.ans 2730
ANSI Logo for Phait

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