Groups: The Phone Losers of America (PLA)

Since they've described themselves so eloquently on their site (which is, I will just describe the PLA to you in their own words:

"PLA stands for Phone Losers of America. If you hadn't figured that out yet then you are a very slow person. PLA was originally an electronic magazine created back in late 1994 and dealing with the usual underground topics of phone phreaking, a little computer hacking, getting stuff for free and learning things that you're not supposed to. We also specialized in making everything humorous and fun to read since at the time that was very hard to come by in the H/P world.

The magazine is no longer published and never will be again. The editor, RBCP, decided he was tired of writing it and wanted to pursue other things such as a life. (Sell out) We've also released two prank phone call tapes which are sold on our page along with other miscellaneous PLA t-shirts & caps, hoping to get filthy rich someday but actually only barely breaking even."

For what it's worth, I should mention that the descriptions for the files below come from the Phone Losers of America themselves.

Description of the Textfile
la.ans 3860
ANSI BBS Ad for the Limited Access BBS
la.nfo 1937
Tag File for the Limited Access BBS
pla000.txt 4744
INDEX For the Phone Losers of America Textfile List
pla001.txt 5858
How To Hack A WWIV BBS. (Humor .NOT for real.) (August, 1994)
pla002.txt 32863
A ZILLION Ways To Make Your Own Red Box (Includes EVERYthing!) (July, 1995)
pla003.txt 25813
Getting Revenge The Cactus Way (October 1994)
pla004.txt 5723
Trashing & Looting Bell Trucks For The Novice (July, 1994)
pla005.txt 8431
Billing All Your Calls To Some Poor, Unsuspecting Son Of A Bitch (May, 1995)
pla006.txt 9665
Tricking AT&T Into Sending You OODLES Of Cash In The Mail (December 1994)
pla007.txt 13465
A List Of Numbers To Call When You're Really Bored (January, 1995)
pla008.txt 17756
Ruining The Life Of A 7-Eleven Employee And Enjoying It (March, 1995)
pla009.txt 4392
A Short Playwrite About Ameritech Corporate Security's Jim Bayless (November, 1994)
pla010.txt 7599
Scanner Frequencies (Includes Cordless, McDonalds, Cellular) (January, 1995)
pla011.txt 9746
Phone Loser Fone Call Transcripts (January, 1995)
pla012.txt 6791
Converting Your 2400 Baud Modem to 14.4 For Free (January, 1995)
pla013.txt 61947
Miscellaneous Fone Tricks And Petty Scams (January, 1995)
pla014.txt 22329
Cordless Phone Hell (Story of some poor SOB with a cordless phone) (January, 1995)
pla015.txt 22149
Taking Beige Boxing To The Ultimate Limit (January, 1995)
pla016.txt 4496
Deaf Fones, Phone Books & Phone Bills (February, 1995)
pla017.txt 9210
Miscelleneous Letters From The Phone Company *February, 1995)
pla018.txt 26381
The imcomplete complete collection of Kevin Mitnick articles (February, 1995)
pla019.txt 23120
Fun With Call Forwarding (February, 1995)
pla020.txt 28254
Gathering Information On People & Businesses (CN/A Alternatives) (February, 1995)
pla021.txt 5118
PLA Job Application (March, 1995)
pla022.txt 7555
BBS Back Doors & Flaws (February, 1995)
pla023.txt 13485
Long Distance Access Codes (KNOW the code!) (March, 1995)
pla024.txt 27547
Dabbling In Credit Card Fraud (March, 1995)
pla025.txt 16989
Taking Over Fred Meyers From The Comfort Of Your Own Home (March, 1995)
pla026.txt 7233
Detailed Information On Various Phone Offices Around The Universe (May, 1995)
pla027.txt 8524
Nursery Rhymes For Baby Phreaks & Other Perverts (March, 1995)
pla028.txt 15107
Ordering Telephone Calling Cards (March, 1995)
pla029.txt 5211
Stealing The Pay Channels From TCI Cable (April, 1995)
pla030.txt 42038
GIF Descriptions, Store Scams, Pointless Large Intro, News, Utah (May, 1995)
pla031.txt 17168
Acidflux's Story Time Hour (May, 1995)
pla032.txt 29079
RiGHT BRiGADE, How to get CN/A iNFo, Poemz, Newz (June, 1995)
pla033.txt 58243
Running The Town, Classifeds, Interviews With Residents of Roy (July, 1995)
pla034.txt 104813
BBSing Lameness in the 618 Area Code ("618 Forever!") (August, 1995)
pla035.txt 55913
618 Follow-up, Reviews of DefCon, Review of BustCon (September, 1995)
pla036.txt 29025
Entries From a Stolen Diary, PLA Editorial, Operator Hell (October, 1995)
pla037.txt 58472
Special Christmas Issue, FACs, New Christmas Carols, Send-A-Song (December, 1995)
pla038.txt 33774
BustCon '95, OCI Secret Papers, more Apok0lyps ramblings, news (April, 1996)
pla039.txt 39905
Shrink Wrap Machines, Red boxing busts, Wrong numbers (July, 1996)
pla099.txt 178154
DHate's Unauthorized PLA - You don't wanna know what's in this one (November, 1995)
plaindex.txt 6056
Index for Phone Losers of America Files, April 9, 1996
plaorder.txt 5932
Order Form for Various Phone Losers of America Merchandise
to713via.dfx 10248
GREAT Tag File for the K-Rad ASCII Posse (KRAP)

There are 46 files for a total of 1,132,118 bytes.