Groups: Shawn Da Lay Boy Productions

Having no knowledge of this group except for the occasional file that had previously trickled into my collection, I present the quick introduction of a Mr. Jed Sanders:

The tradition of various text-file distribution "conglomerates" is an old one, reaching back to the very dawn of BBS history. Before the warring ANSI groups existed (indeed, before ANSI itself existed), before the rise in popularity of the mostly European "demo" (graphics + music) scene, there was the simple storyteller. Dating back to a time when text-files were the hottest-traded commodity online (and sometimes the only thing available), there are few of these pioneering groups left intact in the graphically oriented online world we see today. Cult of the Dead Cow (cDc) comes to mind; Lunatic Labs in Los Angeles. The San Francisco Bay Area had its own contribution: Shawn-Da-Lay Boy Productions, more commonly known as simply SDLBP.

Contributions to this group came primarily through three East Bay BBSes: The Electric Pub (defunct, Sir Death sysop), The Pirate's Hollow (now simply "The Hollow," Doctor Murdock original sysop, later - and currently - Powerful Paul), and RatHead Systems (now PolySpock, Ratsnatcher sysop). The group flourished primarily in 1988-90, with an average of two or three new files per week shooting through the transom.

Many of these files are gone forever. Some of them deserve this fate. The writing is intensely young here, which isn't to suggest that there aren't a few hidden treasures among the muck. Don't expect much in the way of rational, well-thought opines: what follows is a product of its own age, with its own rules, not to be judged on any standards other than its own. What is most rewarding about the SDLBP files, however, is the opportunity to watch young writers emerge from a spot where nothing lay before. Many of the participants have gone on to much bigger things; some are sysadmins at major UNIX sites, others engaged in graduate study. Some are unemployed and some are lost.

These files remind you that the place that you came from is gone.

Description of the Textfile
alucard.ror 678
Ad for the Corporate Headquarters of Shawn-Da-Lay Boy Productions, Inc.
ballad.txt 13490
The Ballad of Andrew Pritchard by Dark Nite of Shawn-Da-Lay Boy Productions
beerblue.txt 3277
The Beer Blues, by Sir Death, April 2, 1986
beerblus.txt 3952
The Beer Blues (When the World Runs Out of Beer) by Sir Death of Shawn-Da-Lay Boy Productions
brain.ans 15705
4 Out of 5 Doctors Reccommend Viewing Rat Head. (ANSI)
bud.txt 3478
B U D: All the BUD Days of the Year, by Bud the Budweiser Person and Sir Death, of Shawn-Da-Lay Boy Productions
cainru.txt 14301
"Cain Rose Up" - Story by Steven King, Written by Doctor Murdock (May 22, 1988)
coldturkey.txt 4637
Colk Turkey, by A Mysterious Shad-Da-Lay Boy (December 17, 1989)
control.ans 1570
The Ultimate Doomsday Machine (ANSI)
daigger.txt 10232
The Lost Notes of Dr. Daigger and the Infamous Daigger Machine, by Doctor Murdock (April 2, 1990)
deathlor.txt 11846
Death: An Anthology of Ancient Texts, Songs, Prayers, and Stories by Doctor Murdock, July 13, 1990
drinkme.txt 3549
The Bottle Said "Drink Me".
eatshoe.txt 3154
How To Eat Your Shoe and Become Enlightened for Fossil Pigs' Sake
finnshrm.pst 2023
Pressed Rat's Cinema Ansi of Alice and the Psilocybin Ranch of Else! by Pressed Rat (April 1, 1990)
fnord!.txt 4006
So you wanna FNORD! by Binky, Shawn Da Lay Boy Productions
fnord.txt 3017
So you Wanna Fnord, by Binky, April 19, 1989
fpigs.txt 6509
The Absolute Truth about the Fossil Pigs and Omnibot 2000 by Pressed Rat, December 13, 1989
greengl.txt 9303
How to Make a Green Glacier Ice-Water Bong, by Doctor Murdock (December 28, 1989)
guideboo.k 42898
A Guide to the Mazes of Menace, by Eric S. Raymond (September 25, 1987)
heather.txt 3239
Oh How I Love My Heather, by Ed Smith and Guy Prince, February 13, 1989
homdrg.txt 7808
How to Get Fucked-Up On Things Laying Around the House, by Ratsnatcher (1990)
homedrug.txt 6271
How to Get Fucked-Up on Things Laying Around the House, by Ratsnatcher, 1990
horkart.txt 6315
The HORK Articles: Adventures in Horking and The Darkside of Horking, by Sir Death, Bud the Budweiser Person and Doctor Murdock (June 6, 1990)
hypothes.txt 4159
Pressed Rat's Hypothesis on Jello Knox Blox and Quantum Mechanix (May 13, 1990)
logon5.clr 1197
This Bulletin Means Nothing (ANSI)
madness.txt 11637
Is Madness Really a Bad Place to Be? By Doctor Murdock, December 6, 1989
movie.ans 40931
"I Dreamed I Saw a Lowly Worm" (ANSI)
mtorture.txt 16158
Menta Torture: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder by Doctor Murock (May 11, 1990)
mystic.txt 14140
The Beer Mystic's Last Day on the Planet, by Rabid Liberal, January 7, 1994
nuclear.txt 3999
Sir Death's Laboratory: How to Build a Nuclear Reactor (October 23, 1990)
p-men1.gam 37728
P-MED Role Playing Adventure by Sid Knarly (May 6, 1990)
pitbull6.thy 5294
The Amazing Brain of the American Pit Bull Terrier, by Doctor Murdock (June 2, 1990)
pitbull6.txt 4550
The Amazing Brain of the American Pit Bull Terrier by Doctor Mudock, June 2, 1990
poemdox2.txt 17406
Poems from the Electric Pub, Part II by Doctor Murdock, Pressed Rat, Reciful, Nighthawk and William Tell (November 27, 1989)
poemdox3.txt 27931
Poem Dox Part 3, by Pressed Rat, Rabid Liberal, Doctor Murdock, Mr. Midnight, Element Lad, Laughing Swede (April 15, 1990)
poemdox4.txt 18104
Poem Dox 4th Edition, by Several People (October 12, 1990)
poems.txt 49256
Poems by Doctor Mudock (1989)
portrait.txt 18065
A Portrait of a Brain Cell, by Doctor Mudock, January 8, 1990
pyramid.txt 6267
Amazing Pyramids PYM-1: The Power of the Pyramids, by Doctor Murdock (November 18, 1989)
quest.txt 12569
The Answers to the Fnordian Question of Existence, by SDLBP, March 30, 1990
quest2.txt 9755
The Answers to the Fnordian Question of Existence Part II, by SDLBP, July 13, 1990
ratm-1.txt 54807
The Rat Manual Volume 1, Number 1, Winter 1989 (January 4, 1990)
ror.ans 1681
Woman's Chest (ANSI)
ror.bbs 767
List of ROR Alucard Boards
saucer.txt 4982
How to Make a Miniature Flying Saucer by Doctor Murdock (November 17, 1989)
scolhel2.txt 8915
School is Hell: lessons 4 Through 6 by Powerful Paul (March 19, 1991)
scolhel3.txt 8626
School is Hell Lessons 6 through 9 by Powerful Paul (April 22, 1991)
scolishl.txt 9283
School is Hell, Lessons 1 through 3 by Powerful Paul (March 19, 1991)
sdbbake1.txt 2629
Sid Gnarly's Coca-Cola Cookies
sdbp-56.txt 6023
The Aliens are Eating my Heart Out! by Doctor Murdock (December 21, 1990)
shroom01.txt 13312
Shroom #1: The Land of Else by Doctor Murdock, August 8, 1989
shroom02.txt 20501
Shroom #2: Yet Another Moonie Trip to the Land of Else by Doctor Murdock, December 12, 1989
shroom03.txt 14340
Shroom #3: A Trip to the Land of Else.. A Dark and Stormy Night, by Doctor Murdoch, 1990
shroom05.txt 11576
Shroom #5: A Trip to the Wonderous Wonderland of Wildcat by Doctor Murdock and Sir Death, March 15, 1990
shroom06.txt 13531
Shroom #6: A Trip to the Land of Else, Shifting Through Time and Fading Fast! By Doctor Murdock, March 20, 1990
shroom07.txt 10754
Shroom #7: Green Mooncakes with Dr. Seuss by Doctor Murdock, March 20, 1990
shroom08.txt 6658
Shroom #8: The Meaning of RoR Alucard, by Unknown, March 30, 1990
shroom09.txt 17472
Shroom #9: Latex and Lobotomy in the Land of Else by Doctor Murdock, April 13, 1990
shroom10.txt 16899
Fancy White Jackets, Runaway Bart Trains & Star Gazing On Acid! by Pressed Rat, Doctor Murdock, Element Lad, Rabid Liberal, & Bud The Budweiser Person (June 16, 1990)
shroom11.txt 8962
Shroom #11: The Adventures of Harry the Milkman and Humpidy Earl Jr.'s Malicious Terrorist Mob by Doctor Murdock, July 17, 1990
shroom4.txt 19011
Shroom #4: A Search for Surface by Sir Death and Doctor Murdock, March 6, 1990
shroom4b.doc 3667
Additional Shroom Documentation from ROR Alucard
shroom4b.txt 4186
Shroom #4b: Bog O Jet Airliner
story.txt 35526
The Story Board from the Left Wall (November 26, 1986)
th.txt 19227
Documentation: The Muther Fuckin' Awesome Telix hacker for IBM (1989-1990) by Shawn Da Lay Boy Productions
the-best 5496
The Best Way to Die by Sir Death and Doctor Murdock, September 10, 1989
toolkit.txt 13221
Doctor Murdock's NETHACK Companion and Toolkit (May 18, 1990)
usrtypes.txt 5334
The Sid Gnarly Users: A Guide to Various Users and Freaks by Sid Gnarly, January 7, 1994
wayrat.txt 3614
The Way of the Rat by RatSnatcher
wedding.txt 7140
The Wedding of the Wood Nymph and Raistlin Wedded on Peabody's Tomb by Shandor (April 6, 1989)
wes 16564
Friends of a Different Skin, by Analog (January 2, 1987)
wes.txt 16484
Friends of a Different Skin, a short story by Analog from Shawn-Da-Lay_Boy Productions

There are 72 files for a total of 861,592 bytes.