Groups: Zhit Axis Nation

It must have been a hell of a summer. The vast majority of these files come from the middle of 1991, and the members of ZAN (Zhit Axis Nation) banded together to create a pretty positive and somewhat complicated allegiance of textfile writing. The ringleader appears to be Creature of Prometheus, who designed the format of the files and to which the others seem to defer. Exorcist preaches anarchy, fighting, and destruction, while Guido Sanchez thinks too much. When the character of every member makes itself known to you, you know you've got something special.

The group disappears after 1991. Guess they knew to stop when it was good.

Description of the Textfile
286mem.zan 14421
How to use Extended Memory on a 286 by Cockrowch (July 25, 1991)
anarchy1.zan 4229
So You Wanna Be an Anarchist, by Trojan Man
answer.zan 7048
Answering Machine Anarchy! by White Lightning (June 20, 1991)
anticrsh.zan 5952
Make Your BBS Crash Proof! by Cockrowch
atheism.zan 8477
Does God Have a Girlfriend? by White Lightning (June 20, 1991)
backup1.zan 7517
Backup Dos and Don'ts by Intelligent Wise IQ
bigten.zan 9176
The BIG Picture, by Maverick
bksales.zan 5531
How to Sell a Book without Writing It First by Guido Sanchez (June 15, 1991)
dada&cub.zan 5340
Dadism and Cubism: Duchamp and Picasso by Creature of Prometheus (June 10, 1991)
deathto.zan 7314
The Great Hate List by White Lightning
drug.zan 3000
Preactical Solution to Drug Problem, by The Nasty Knight (June 19, 1991)
ea1.zan 3771
HST vs. 2400 by Snare
f117-aot.zan 11001
Stealth Fighter: Informative Outline by Creature of Prometheus (June 6, 1991)
faith.zan 10943
Blind Faith No More! By Guido Sanchez (June 15, 1991)
flujav.zan 2390
Fun with Fluorescent Javelines by Creature of Prometheus (June 16, 1991)
fnord.zan 19790
More Things About the Illuminati by Guido Sanchez (July 14, 1991)
freecall.txt 2018
Free Calls on Pay Phones: The Paper Clip Method, by Master Mind
funteror.zan 7179
Fun Things to Do to Scare the Shit Out of People by The Baron (June 10, 1991)
gasphun.zan 4018
Gas Phun, by The Nasty Knight (June 17, 1991)
hate2.zan 5609
More "Don't You Hate"... by Cockrowch and Charlatan
hoffa 14706
School Report on Jimmy Hoffa
hoffabib 1584
Bibliography for Jimmy Hoffa Report
hoffaout 794
Outline for the Jimmy Hoffa Thesis
illumina.zan 18885
The Secret Masters by Guido Sanchez
knockout.zan 3518
How to Knock Someone Out by Creature of Prometheus (June 30, 1991)
lagang.zan 7978
Los Angeles Street Hoods by Lee Jackson (1989)
later.zan 3824
Chinese Street Fighting, by The Exorcist (July 24, 1991)
launcher.zan 6301
Tennis Ball Launcher by The Baron (June 1, 1991)
life_x.zan 3830
The Meaning of Life Part 10, by Guido Sanchez (June 14, 1991)
makegrad.zan 20978
Making the Grade by Stan Kiley
makemula.zan 4491
Makin' Moolah FAST by Creature of Promethius (June 10, 1991)
megotqst.zan 4303
Mommy, I Got a Question About...? by Creature of Prometheus (July 28, 1991)
midnite1.zan 10157
Midnight Philosophy, by White Lightning
milkbomb.zan 3928
Milk Bombs, by Last Call (November 14, 1991)
mozart.zan 9484
Movie Critique and Proof of Facts by Creature of Prometheus (June 6, 1991)
murphy.zan 9152
Murphy's Cousin's Brother's Laws by Guido Sanchez (July 14, 1991)
nastypr1.zan 7573
Nasty Pranks: Grammar School by Creature of Prometheus (June 30, 1991)
naturepr.zan 1614
Nature's Progress by Creature of Prometheus (July 19, 1991)
noschool.zan 3700
How to Fake Sickness and Go Home Early, by Homocidal Hitchhiker
notan.zan 15490
No Tan Lines, from Creature of Prometheus (July 22, 1991)
peta.zan 6025
Gee Thanks, PETA, by Guido Sanchez (June 17, 1991)
poetry.zan 8157
Some Funky Poetry by White Lightning (June 20, 1991)
pollack.zan 6908
Confessions of a Teenage Pollack by Guido Sanchez (June 26, 1991)
proverbs.zan 4993
Several Proverbs to Live By! by Creature of Prometheus (July 27, 1991)
quikie.zan 2316
A Quickie Explosive, by The Exorcist (July 24, 1991)
realansi.zan 4629
How to REALLY use ANSI, by Wise Intelligent IQ and Sturge Killer (September 9, 1991)
shower.zan 5749
Shower Surprise by Creature of Prometheus (July 22, 1991)
socides.zan 8669
How to Socially Destroy Someone Without Physical Harm! by Creature of Prometheus (June 6, 1991)
thepool.zan 10687
The Pool, by Creature of Prometheus (July 22, 1991)
title.pag 1446
TEMPLATE: Template for the Zhit Axis Nation Presents Textfile
twins.zan 9528
The Twins, by Creature of prometheus (July 22, 1991)
velcro.zan 5845
The First School of Velcro, by Guido Sanchez (July 14, 1991)
vmb.zan 4703
How to have Your Own Voice Mailbox, by The Exorcist (July 24, 1991)
want_2_b.zan 9427
So You Want to Be a Pirate, by Creature of Prometheus
weenies.zan 5942
Why Most "Anarchy" Modemers are Weenies, by Guido Sanchez
whattodo.zan 988
Creature of Prometheus Lays Down the Guidelines
why.zan 9216
Why is There Religion? by Guido Sanchez (June 18, 1991)
zan.des 4386
An Introduction to Zhit Access Nation by CoP
zan2.txt 723
Tag File for ZAN
zitcure.zan 3523
How to Remove Zits or Just Shit Water by Creature of Prometheus (June 10, 1991)

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